Introduction to Gary Davis

I hold in my hand,

the medium I am made of.

I bring it to the page,

from which it is made.

I create the forest and the root,

from which all is made.

I am home, I am complete.

I am Charcoal, I am Dust.

I am Alive!

Gary Davis is an artist residing in Knysna, South Africa. He obtained a National Diploma in Graphic design at Wit’s Technicon and briefly worked in the advertising industry.
After moving around S.A. Looking for a safe and secure environment for his young family, Gary settled in the small village of Knysna situated in the Garden Route.
His personal quest in pursuit of mastering his artistic potential had to compete with the need to earn enough income to support his family. He started a glass installation company that soon outperformed all others with his attention to detail and demand for perfection.

The call to create art out of ‘charcoal’, his medium of preference, would not be held in abeyance and Gary turned his home into his studio and gallery. Access to his gallery was on an invitation only basis. In 2014 he gave up glass and dedicated himself to drawing full time.

He often went deep into his darkness, and played on his own, in his own sandpit, attempting to better understand light and perception and his medium, playing with thoughts and energies we all experience, but are seldom inclined to explore.
Attention to detail and an unforgiving demand for the highest standards of perfection, could confine him to his studio for days of solitude and meditation, crafting his skills to levels not often achieved.

He created works of astounding technical ability, often confused as photographs, until closer inspection reveals the little dances in black and white, light and shade, a physical manifestation of inward journeys that make up the whole. Each drawing tells its own story.

Gary has completed several private commissions and sold numerous works privately here and abroad. He decided that it was time to let the world see his work and held his first public exhibition at the Gaol in Knysna in 2020 / 2021

Gary Davis